Our Story

A-Glo in the light…how did this all come about. Well a few years back I had an interest in laser engraving and requested more info from Epilog Lasers…seemed doable back then, but I decided to take my savings along with a 0% 12 month loan out on a new roof, siding and the cost of labor for the house , so the information I received from Epilog was tossed to the side.

This past August my grandmother passed away, someone very dear to my heart. The last 12 years my sister and I took turns taking dinner to her and my grandfather. So one night, to keep busy since she was no longer here to spend time with I started cleaning my office room at the house. The Epilog material resurfaced and my wheels started turning again. I joined groups on Facebook just about engraving, did lots of research on and about engravers, paid for a class in Columbus and actually asked questions and answered questions which never happened in all my years in a classroom situation haha, so there’s an actual passion about this, a spark if you will, something I’ve never really had about anything and having that finally in my life at the age I am now, I’m saying it’s now or never. I have a great support system with my family and friends, so many talented ones at that, who I’m hoping will be helpful and supportive in the days to come.

Ironically enough my gma’s house just recently sold and I asked my mom for a loan from the money she would be getting. She said ok and it will save me a lot of interest doing it this way. Thanks Mom! Over time she will be paid back. Hopefully sooner than later.

A future goal with this business is to be able to donate a portion of profit to certain organizations, because that is what my grandmother did…didn’t realize how much until I recently went through a lot of her writings/bills and what not, she was such a giving person, even if it was only a few bucks a month to the starving children, an Indian reservation, etc, she still donated and I remember when I was little she walked house to house collecting for March of dimes.

She was an amazing person and I want to continue to carry out her name…as I feel since she has passed that she has been the one pushing me and saying go for it, they say you see signs, whether you believe in that kinda stuff or not, I do and I have seen many since she’s passed. You really only get one chance at this thing called life, so here goes nothing.

I came up with the business name one day outta the blue and it seemed to just fit…A-Glo is her name spelled backwards and in the logo the words in the light are her actual handwriting that my friend Nate traced from some recipe cards I sent him. I’m really pleased with the logo Nate created for me. I had him use the colors because she had hair of silver at the age of 45, a heart of gold and gpa’s favorite color was green, so the emerald green fit well with the silver and gold 🙂

My sister and I had a great experience with her in her passing and I truly believe there is a glow in the light after we leave this earth. She passed peacefully, something we all wish for, but also showed me that there will be that spark, not only coming into the world, but also going out of this world and we will always have angels in the glow that is left behind.